Introducing Myself - Troy Curtis

Howdy all! :wave:

I’m Troy Curtis, a software engineer and long time Linux (and Fedora) user. I’ve enjoyed many of the Fedora Magazine articles, so I’ve decided it is long past time that I should try to contribute one myself! I’ve found an article spec that I’m interesting in giving a shot, since it seems progress on it has stalled and I’m a huge LVM fan.

I have all the accounts created, looks like all that I lack is the “Writer” status in Taiga in order to keep status up-to-date. No rush there, I’ll start by gathering my ideas and outlining in emacs.

Side Note: Has anyone noticed the “help” link on the Taiga instance is broken? It looks like it needs the trailing slash in order to correctly render the help page.

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Hi Troy and welcome to the magazine.

Thanks for volunteering to write an article. I’m sure you’ve notice that lots of people have submitted ideas, but not as many have volunteered to write them up. The magazine needs more writers!

I just attempted to add your account to Taiga as a writer. The status currently shows “pending”, but I think that just means that you have to login again after the change. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

As for the “help” link, I hadn’t noticed. Thanks for pointing it out. I think that website was setup by @asamalik. I hear that he is a bit busy right now, but I’ll try to remember to tell him about the problem when he has more free time.

@troycurtisjr Did things work out okay, and could you login as expected now?

Yep! I’m in and I assigned the ticket I was interested in to . I’m even most of the way through my first (rough) draft.

Hello @troycurtisjr,
I think you probably noticed I changed the image from your article, I hope this was okay by you. As a consequence of that, I had to reword the intro a bit to suit the lack of error message from your screen capture. Again I hope you are alright with it.

Yeah and I see the discussion on why. Sorry for the scramble and thanks for getting it cleaned up!

No worries, I just wanted to make sure you were ok with my changes and were aware of what had happened. I liked the article, good read.