Interview with Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller (it's me!) and Mark Pearson from Lenovo

If you’re interested in this development and want to learn a little more, check out this interview:

Or skip right to the video:


This is incredibly exciting! Looks like I’ll have enough time to save up for a new mobile workstation :smile:

This looks awesome. Thanks and congrats to all those that are involved!

It didn’t occur to me during the initial announcement (since I don’t own a Yoga device) that Lenovo will be working with Wacom and the upstream projects (perhaps libwacom, the kernel drivers and libinput) to improve support of the Wacom devices. I own other devices that have Wacom displays and the improved support will most likely improve support on those devices as well (or at least see the introduction of some decent palm detection).

Still waiting for drivers for the X1 Carbon 6th gen’s fingerprint reader and fix for the throttling. I wonder if that will be worked on now that it’s not the newest of the X1 lineup.