Ye Olde Fedora Yoga Book

I have a new Lenovo+Fedora challenge!

So, I just picked up a very beautiful looking Lenovo Yoga Book (YB1-X91L)


please see: Lenovo Support

Here is a great video review by MobileTechReview

Although the above photo shows the Android model (which does NOT run Linux), this one seems to be running Windows 10 Pro (which obviously I will break!)

Some lovely folks in the XDA community have already been busy for many years now trying to get this to play nicely with Linux! see: XDA Forums

To date the most comprehensive work appears to have been done here: git repo by jekhor

While the majority of the testing has been done for Ubuntu & Debian.
I think it would be amazing to get Fedora running on this wonderful Lenovo device.

Some of the stumbling blocks, have seemed to be with the HALO Keyboard, screen rotation and various sound/mic issues.

I would love to hear any thoughts, ideas and opinions from all you amazing techie/geeky folks!

I have pre-emptively started a git repo on Pagure :face_with_monocle:
Please feel free to share anything of relevance.

Fedora 39 is installed via Windows subsystem for Linux.

  • although both Fedora 39 KDE & Fedora 39 Atomic Kinoite installed ok on the device, there seem to be missing drivers for the Halo keyboard & possibly graphics & audio issues too!

a GhostSpectre custom Win11 {stripped to the bone} edition is currently installed as the stock Win10 version got mysteriously broken!

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