Intel's Clear Linux is a mess, ... but

I have Intel’s Clear Linux running on an older i7 laptop. I used the default file system. It is fast - Real fast! It has been tested as super-swift on AMD hardware as well. For a number of reasons it is unusable. I won’t waste your time with a diatribe.

However, and I am not sure where to make this suggestion, it would be great if we could compile Fedora with the Intel optimizations.

so, interesting…!!

“It is Fast”…
“It is unusable…”

Aren’t the gain defeated the purpose, then :wink: ?

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Clear Linux; uses bundles and swupd; it works fine and super fast. A Rolling Release… If you want suggest the optimization of Clear Linux maybe Email List Devel is for you… But advice you; without tecnical infomation is time lost…