Integrated Camera not working on msi laptop with Fedora 36

I installed Fedora 36 on an msi laptop and although it works fine on windows, the integrated camera doesn’t seem to work on Fedora.
I’ve followed the advise on some other topics:
dnf -y update and dnf -y upgrade just in case
cheese is already installed and says that not devide is found
I also ran inxi -Fzx , lspci , and lsusb and in every case I cannot see anything that suggests there’s a camera connected.

Can anyone suggest something?


You state that you ran 3 commands, but failed to post the output so we cannot tell what you saw or may have missed. Posting those would aid us to aid you.
A reboot followed by the output of dmesg posted here also might allow us to see some detail that otherwise may be overlooked.

Thank you, and sorry for the late response.

After further testing, I realised that it actually doesn’t work on on Windows either. not sure why I thought it did.

Thanks for the help anyway.