Installing Wine?


How do I go about installing Wine in Silverblue? using rpm-ostree install wine gets me:

error: Checkout openal-soft-1.18.2-6.fc29.i686: Hardlinking 43/f83b81536c9aa43d97296a80aabfa3f4689dfc9f6c468f6c495136193438c4.file to openal-info: File exists


IIRC Wine won’t work because it requires 32-bit repos, which aren’t supported by rpm-ostree. You can try using something like winepak instead, run Wine inside a container, or, if it’s a game, run it via the Steam Flatpak.


Well, that’s too bad. Thanks


This sounds like a problem to me. From the perspective of a common user, one would expect an equivalent use of a software like Wine in classic workstation vs Silverblue. The use of containers doesn’t seem complicated, but you can not expect each user to adopt that workflow for this type of case (complicate something that is already complicated as wine).

I like the Winepack project, but it only tackles games for now, like Proton with Steam. For any other software supported by Wine it would be a issue.


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been burned by Wine. To be blunt, the few Windows programs I want to run don’t work. Wine is a never-ending time sink. I’d rather pay the $200 for Windows 10 Pro, run all the games, and either run occasional Linux usage in Hyper-V virtual machines or dual-boot the machine.


Hm, this is related to

I would try to use wine in flatpak or podman for sure, but will see if I can figure out why we’re failing here.