Winepak unaivalable app into repository

Hello, today i need to use Windows application. I would like to use wine. I have seen now there is winepak, it’s work in progress. And all of Windows applications isn’t available actually. But what is the way to make my winepak flatpak ? I need to install an application. I don’t found documentation about that. Are there any way to do that easy ?

Winepak is just a project aiming to provide preconfigured Flatpak build manifest files in order for users to actually build and install these Flatpaks locally.

As far as I can tell from their Github, it’s probably just dead, as there’s not been any activity in over a year, with actual app manifests haven’t been touched for over two years either.

That’s not to say that the project couldn’t be revived later or anything but regardless of whether it actually ends up returning or not you’re still not stuck without luck.

You can always build Flatpaks for your wine apps yourself if you really feel like sandboxing them individually and properly integrating them into your system, though you could also just manage everything Wine-related using separate Wine prefixes, just like you would conventionally, yet inside a single Flatpak sandbox.

If you just wish to run your games and windows applications under Silverblue asap and with little to no configuration, I’d advise you to try out Lutris Flatpak instead.
It’s packaged on the Flathub-Beta repo, since they’re still having issues with certain runners/emulators failing under Flatpak but that shouldn’t really affect you.

You may check out their website for stuff that already has installation scripts available, but you may also just manually configure wine prefixes yourself.

From what I’ve tried and folks I’ve asked, the Lutris Flatpak still requires some wine libraries to be installed. Due to this, I just spun up a toolbox and installed lutris via dnf along with wine and a bunch of other dependencies. Just saying.

Sorry, but Lutris can’t help me, it’s not for gaming, it’s to desktop work. I need to use wine. I think Proton layer isn’t available without Steam :C

Lutris can function just as well as a generic gui for managing Wine prefixes.
Just cause users usually upload installation scripts for Windows games doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for anything else.

Proton works fine outside Steam, but it’s mostly Wine + DXVK and certain other patches that would make little sense to have for anything besides games, unless your desktop work involves 3d rendering with DirectX.

Proton and Lutris are available into Silverblue ?

Proton is not packaged for any distro afaik, but you can still get it from Valve’s Github (or even grab Steam’s build).
There’s also GloriousEggroll’s build for it, including additonal patches and fixes.
Both of these are focused around gaming, but unless there’s some unnoticed regression you should still be able to use them just fine for anything else.

Regarding Lutris, you would probably wish to use their Flatpak Beta, though you could technically also use Toolbox and install it in a container using dnf or even layer plain Fedora rpms with rpm-ostree.

If you’re interested in a clean and Silverblue-oriented solution, you should try out the Flatpak first.

When it comes to gaming, every need is covered by lutris or steam and their flatpak counterparts are mostly feature complete, note that lutris/steam flatpak does not require any dependency on the host.

For work related stuff you can use the wine bundled with lutris, or install wine-core in a toolbox container.

There is a package called “Phoenicis PlayOnLinux” on flathub repo. I’m currently running hitman, GTA SandAndreas, MS OFFICE 2013 and others. In the apps tab search for a application called “local installer” it will allow you to create a windows container (i.e. via wine) and allow you to install the programs you want. Try it out. It might not work always but it works most of the time at least for me.