Installing pipewire as audio server + interface in Silverblue

Thanks @aitvaras for the hint. Turns out it was indeed related to the dreaded libsolv issue. Downgrading to 0.7.15 also fixed the issue for me, so I closed the bug.

Is there a ticket for the libsolv + rpm-ostree override ... issue already?

Well there is this libsolv-0.7.17-1.fc33 failure tracker · Issue #2548 · coreos/rpm-ostree · GitHub

This one found on the libsolv failure tracker seems relevant: 1925717 – Upgrade removes all overrides

This is now solved (for me):

  1. upgrade to rpm-ostree-2021.1-4.fc33 and reboot to make active.
  2. execute override-command as originally documented, and now the overrides should again apply.

See for solution details, and the bug in bugzilla documents how to apply the upgrade if custom rollback is necessary.

Can confirm: Works for me now, as well.

How can I check if PipeWire is included in current nightly images? (I mean, before installing)

I’ve read the contribute page, but there’s no link to the repository where the code to build images is stored.