Installing new printer software

Have new Epson ET-5180 printer and need appropriate software. Epson provides .rpm, .ppd, .gz, and etc files, but am having trouble unpacking, extracting, etc files before I can install. For example, using "rpm -V -f XXX.rpm file just gets me a long list of missing file in /opt/epson-XXX files. Am running Fedora 36 on a ThinkPad. Suggestions?? Thanx!

Normally you just have to change to the directory where you have your rpm package and type:

sudo dnf install XXX.rpm

Dnf should do the rest or at least give you useful errors/informations if the package is not ok.

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As far as I can see, this printer supports mopria. This means you can use the cups driverless setup without any special drivers. See for example

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Right click the rpm and pick “Open with software install” and see if that works.