Installed latest Fedora 38 via ISO - All went well - Won't boot though

Decide to put F38 onto an old laptop.

Put the latest ISO onto USB Stick. Booted onto it.

Wiped the old disk so that it left a single partition.

Went through the install, everything went great until I tried to reboot and I got this screen.

The laptop has UEFI disabled.

I rebooted via the live cd to check the partitions. This is what was shown for my disk.

Anyone got any ideas. I’ve done this type of install several times on different laptops but can’t for the life of me see what’s wrong.

A fresh pair of eyes is needed.

On legacy boot you need the boot flag set on the HD you want to boot from.

Have a look with gparted to see how this looks like.

If you have a old Computer the partition table could be the wrong one.
Have a look here:

Thank you, I’ll go through that. Many thanks.

I don’t directly see anything wrong, but there may be an issue with the fact you left a partition on the drive to start. As noted, an older device that does not properly support uefi may also not support gpt partitioning.
Partition 1 shows as bios boot which would be correct for legacy (MBR) booting, yet the system should probably be allowed to do all the formatting and partitioning if you are using the entire drive. Simply tell it to use the entire drive and wipe out all that was there before.

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