Installation of a system on a new disc from the desktop of an old disc without uefi boot mode

I have no way in my laptop to enter uefi boot I have no laptop screen but external monitor hdmi so when I turn on there is a black screen. So how to install from desktop position hdd drive to new ssd drive ?

Hi, you could install it from any pc desktop as long as they also use UEFI. To avoid the installation messing up the installed OS in your pc desktop, it would be safer to remove the pc drive and replace it with your ssd (for your laptop). Then install Fedora as usual.

And here I do not have the opportunity to connect to a tested PC, so the question is whether it can be done from the desktop position of the old drive

I think with no screen on the laptop it will be impossible to install there since you cannot access the screen to respond to prompts. You also cannot make any changes in bios settings without the actual laptop screen functioning.

As has been suggested, it may be possible to install on the laptop drive by moving it to another system, do the install, then move the drive back to the laptop. Don’t know how that might work for whatever your hardware is though.

A more certain way would be to obtain a replacement screen for the laptop.

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