Fedora und Windows on a separate SSD each. How to deal Dual Boot?

When I installed Fedora the last time, like any Linux derivate on only one Harddrive it always came automatically with the installation of Boot loader. So I had from the beginning a Dual Boot system.
Now I have a second SSD I installed Fedora on. After the installation Windows didn’t find any Boot sequenz and couldn’t start anymore. I was able to fix the Windows issue but then Fedora didn’t start anymore.
So my question is, can anybody explain to me, how to install Fedora and having a Dual Boot loader?

You currently have Windows on HDD and nothing on SSD? Perhaps Windows is on HDD and you installed Fedora on SSD but Fedora doesn’t boot? Should we assume UEFI mode booting? A little more detail please?

No, my HDDs are only for data storage. I have two SSDs one with Windows 7 and another one with Fedora. But only one OS is booting and the another have to be repaired.
I tried now with disabling the Legacy mode and most of my hard drives disappeared in the booting options. So I definitely have to install Fedora with the boot loader.
Which kind of details you want? The most information I saw in the BIOS menu…

If you are using UEFI mode … you need to make sure you mount the EFI partition at /boot/efi when installing Fedora. Otherwise the bootloader will not find Fedora.

Which implies that you installed one of the OS in legacy mode and the other in UEFI mode. Which one is boots with UEFI?

Could it be related to this bug?

So I checked my Windows and it’s Legacy, that means what I understood that Fedora must be installed as Legacy as well?
Or do I have to reinstall Windows on UEFI to install Fedora also on UEFI?

If you have the time (and you don’t mind), I would recommend UEFI mode for both OS. It works best when both OS boot in the same mode. I am guessing you have a GPT partitioning scheme on your hard drives. Without that none of the OS will install in UEFI mode. If you do not have the time (or you DO mind), then make sure that your BIOS is using Fedora’s drive as the boot drive.


  1. Make sure both SSDs use GPT partitioning scheme (UEFI mode requires GPT, … not MBR)
  2. Install Windows on the first SSD – confirm that it boots in UEFI mode.
  3. Instafl Fedora on the second making sure you mount the EFI system partition at /boot/efi (DO NOT FORMAT THIS PARTITION DURING THE INSTALLATION). This step is crucial. Since you installed Windows first (UEFI mode), the EFI Partition will be on the SSD bearing the Windows OS. Mount that partition at /boot/efi when installing Fedora


  1. The partition schemes for both SSD doesn’t really matter.
  2. Windows is already booting in Legacy mode as per your post (this is the first SSD)
  3. Make sure the second SSD (or drive) comes BEFORE the Windows’ drive in your BIOS. For example your boot order could be – DVD, USB, SSD2, SSD1. The PC will pick SSD2 if DVD and USB doesn’t work.
  4. Boot a Fedora install media (USB, DVD …any one)
  5. Install Fedora in Legacy mode on the second SSD

If everything goes well, GRUB should display both OS during booting.