Install Fedora 39 with systemd-boot and secure-boot ‘enabled’


I’m interested in installing Fedora 39 as outlined in the Fedora Project documentation using systemd-boot instead of GRUB, with secure-boot enabled. I haven’t been successful in my attempts so far, as documented here.

Has anyone encountered a similar situation or does anyone have suggestions on how to achieve this? Thanks

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I have systemd-boot running on my system. I do not use the secure boot option. I made the changes after install as I felt it was the easiest way at the time, and currently still do.

At least while building a f39 system with kickstart and secureboot off it is pretty straight forward. Performing the needed to get UEFI to trust sdboot and sdboot to trust the kernel is a manual effort as far as I’ve seen.

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There is not much to add to the page you referred to. At the moment there is no official way for using sd-boot with secure boot

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