Input-leap fedora 39 GNOME Wayland

I would like to use input-leap as a server on a GNOME Wayland Fedora Workstation 39, and as a client on a GNOME-Wayland Fedora Silverblue 39 workstation, as well as as a client on a macos installation.

I Installed the ei-enabled package from this COPR ofourdan/input-leap-ei-enabled

I got this output:

❯ input-leaps --debug DEBUG2 --no-daemon --name i --use-ei --config ~/.config/input-leap/default.conf
[2023-11-14T08:06:33] DEBUG: opening configuration "/home/bennyp/.config/input-leap/default.conf"
[2023-11-14T08:06:33] DEBUG: configuration read successfully
[2023-11-14T08:06:33] DEBUG1: starting server
[2023-11-14T08:06:33] DEBUG1: thread 0x00000002 entry
[2023-11-14T08:06:33] FATAL: An error occurred: Missing libportal InputCapture portal support

[2023-11-14T08:06:33] DEBUG1: caught cancel on thread 0x00000002

If i uninstall and use the non-copr version

❯ sudo dnf remove input-leap && sudo dnf install input-leap-2.4.0^20230918git004a54fb-1.fc39

in that case I get the same error as above

Then, running the GUI:

❯ input-leap --debug DEBUG2

I see in the input-leap log window

[2023-11-14T08:10:06] INFO: starting server
[2023-11-14T08:10:06] INFO: config file: /tmp/InputLeap.bnGzFW
[2023-11-14T08:10:06] INFO: log level: INFO
[2023-11-14T08:10:06] FATAL: An error occurred: Missing libportal InputCapture portal support
[2023-11-14T08:10:07] ERROR: process exited with error code: 1
[2023-11-14T08:10:07] INFO: detected process not running, auto restarting

cross-post: FATAL: An error occurred: Missing libportal InputCapture portal support · Issue #1728 · input-leap/input-leap · GitHub

Did you install libportal from that COPR as well? Fedora’s libportal doesn’t yet have

Thanks for the tip!

I performed the following on the server

sudo dnf remove input-leap
sudo dnf copr enable ofourdan/input-leap-ei-enabled
sudo dnf install input-leap --repo
sudo dnf reinstall libportal --repo

Then i logged out and started input-leap, and that was enough to get a session working between fedora and mac os :tada:

I then performed the same steps on the silverblue client (in a toolbox), but the copy linked doesn’t have an aarch64 build, so i guess ill have to sit on my hands for that one. @ofourdan would you be willing to add an aarch64 build to your copr? anything I could do to help?

This is already a huge improvement though

So I’ve installed input-leap and libportal from @ofourdan’s COPR repo and when I configure it and try to start the server I gets asked to allow reading input and click the Share button but then gnome-shell crashes.

Is @ofourdan’s COPR repo already out of date with Fedora 39?

Yeah, Neal has updated input-leap in Fedora (rawhide and F39) to enable EI support, best is to use the “official” input-leap package from Fedora instead of my build in copr.

So today I updated my Fedora Workstation 39 GNOME input-leap server from the first package to the second package

1st package:

Name         : input-leap
Version      : 2.4.0^20230914git4ecedf1d
Release      : 1.fc39
Architecture : src
Size         : 4.9 M
Source       : None
Repository   :

2nd package:

Name         : input-leap
Version      : 2.4.0^20230918git004a54fb
Release      : 1.fc39
Architecture : x86_64
Size         : 805 k
Source       : input-leap-2.4.0^20230918git004a54fb-1.fc39.src.rpm
Repository   : fedora

input-leap no longer works, and clicking the “stop” button crashes my GNOME session. This is exactly what I had prior to installing the COPR packages.

I reverted the action with this command

sudo dnf remove input-leap && sudo dnf install input-leap  --repo

and found that input-leap immediately started working again