Increase fan speed. gain PWM controller


I have been experiencing issues with ThermalD shutdown while using blender.
I get over temp shutdowns on CPU. I then have to wait 5 minuted before my laptop will boot.

I have since started monitoring the CPU/GPU and would like to increase the speed of the fan, while using blender, if possible, or just generally to stop this from happening.

The fans are controlled, i can hear the increase in speed, it is just not enough for the thermal loading while doing graphical processing.

I have looked at thermalD but i cant make any sense of it, I have installed lm_sensors, all sensors are coming in except for cpu_fan which registers 0rpm.

I assume you already ran sensors-detect. You can run pwmconfig to see if you can configure manual control for the fan(s).

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yes i can use pwmconfig to manually control the fans. however i have to set a flag in the chip to do so. I would like to leave it automatically controlled, but just increase the speed.

If you have the newer (uefi) bios you may be able to go into the bios and set the fan speed profile there. I don’t recall which tab, but I had 4 options which as I recall were something like quiet, standard, extreme, & custom. The default on mine was quiet and I bumped it up to standard. The fans run at about 40% when idling and have bumped up to about 80% at 50% load and 55C cpu temp.