I'm confused about the status of Gnome and Wayland of Fedora 30

I feel like I was led to believe that Gnome would be defaulted to Wayland with Fedora 30. However, I am finding that this does not seem to be the case, and others around the Internet are telling me that it’s not. I have searched for documentation about this, but nothing I have found addresses it, specifically.

I can force almost any application to run under native Wayland, including my Gnome terminals. However, no matter what I do, gnome-shell itself runs under Xwayland. Is this the correct state of affairs?

The Shell itself shouldn’t run under XWayland, but it is started by default and integrated to provide Xorg compatibility. There is work going into 3.34 to make this on-demand, however.

Thank you, @refi64 . It is only the gnome-shell running in Xwayland, according to Looking Glass.