The exact day wayland on KDE plasma

Hello Fedora world,

As i heard from google searching wayland is future login shell.

and i wanna know when it be landed on f32 ? mine is now x11.

also will i be able to change x11 to it by dnf update?


Hi, as far as i know wayland is not fully supported by Kde, so i don’t know when it will be the default in Fedora Kde spin. For Fedora workstation (that use Gnome) Wayland is the default display server. For now if you want wayland you could switch to Workstation (this is the cleaner way, i think).

Official Kde docs about wayland: KWin/Wayland - KDE Community Wiki
Official Kde docs about the current issues: Plasma/Wayland Showstoppers - KDE Community Wiki

For your last question, yes in theory you could use dnf to install wayland, but i always prefer to reinstall to get a clean and working state. (This assume a Fedora Kde spin with wayland as default server, that currently is not available).