If Install HP DeskJet 3700 series trough Wi-Fi router

Hey. If installing HP DeskJet 3700 series to Fedora system, there is an additional step.(connect device to Wi-Fi router). Start download to phone HP SMART APP (ANDROID). HP SMART will provide Wi-Fi setup to connect to router.

Then normal installation of HPLIP and HPLIP pluign.

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A video for something that could be explained in a few sentences. I’m getting old, and tired of looking for quick explanations and finding links to youtube–like, subscribe, and share y’all.

Or, you can probably set it up without all the HP bloatware with
lp admin -p HP3700 -E -v ipp:// -m everywhere

(Assuming the IP address is on your LAN.)

I have a page, for a Brother, but it works with most MFC printers, for those who prefer using CLI rather than slow GUIs


Like Scott I do not prefer youtube videos for guidance.

For fedora it is really simple.

  1. configure the printer to connect to the network. With wifi that means connecting to the AP properly and obtaining the IP address of the printer. This is to me easiest done on the printer setup panel itself.
  2. as noted use the already installed app ‘hplip’ with the command hp-setup on the command line or install the hplip gui interface sudo install hplip-gui then use the graphical setup and management tool.

An MFP from HP does require a proprietary plugin to access the scanner on the printer so it seems easiest to use hplip which does the plugin install automatically for the user.

Added cups, guide, hp

Added cups

Same here, but a growing class of users will go to great lengths to avoid opening a terminal. I’m beginning to think journalctl needs a GUI frontend for such users.

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I guess that maybe, at some time, someone, may decide the gui for journalctl will be of use. Until then (and even after) I will use the cli. :innocent:

“Terminally-challenged” users are not getting the full benefits from linux. You can lead a user to a terminal but you can’t make them use it.

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It’s possible that now more and more device do not have direct access to setup - and only solution will be backed in combination of firmware plus “SMART” app on Windows/Mac/Android/IOS.