Cannot install a Printer on my F35?

Cannot install a Printer on my F35? Tried terminal and Software Manager.

Anyone, know how I can install it?


  1. What printer?
  2. USB or network printer?
  3. What have you tried & what were the results? We need more info than “Tried terminal and Software Manager”. Neither of those are designed for setting up a printer unless you are an expert in the terminal. With gnome settings --> printers it is usually very easy.
  4. Is fedora fully updated?
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All printers

Not gnome I use Cinnamon desktop

Without details we do not know how to help

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Instead of Software manager and terminal, try to open “Cinnamon Settings”. I don’t use Cinnamon, but this page mentions settings: Look for printers and try with that.

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Note that for HP printers that require HP drivers, one needs to generally use hplip (which has a GUI for convenience) to set them up:

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I could not find printers on the cinnamon desktop.

I changed to the konqueror desktop and found printers there.

Will use this desktop now. My printer works fine now.