Identity Management for small desktop cluster?

I’m managing a new research lab (chemical engineering) and we have several desktops available for undergraduate and masters students to work on projects that involve programming and running jobs on our HPC/HTC.
Having never done anything of the sort before, since it’s always been just me managing my own machine or helping a friend, can anyone offer some advice or insight about setting up identity management? Are there any recommended solutions? From what point does it start to justify itself (number of unique machines and users)? Are there solutions that will play nice with non-RedHat/Fedora systems in case we want to have a mix of machines (e.g. some Fedora, some Ubuntu - not my personal choice, but I’m not the boss…)?
Thanks all

All clients are driven by Linuxes or is there MS Win in the mix?

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While reading here I found this: it is also RH sponsored.


I started it over podman in ca. 5Min. Have a look if it is what you looking for.

About “other than fedora”, could not find a answer. But I guess if it looks good for you, ask the community there.

Looking forward for feedback :wink:

Linux only