IDEA: Making featured images

I was thinking about holding a short (50-minute) “clinic” on how to make featured images for the Magazine. If you’ve seen my images you know I’m no artist. But I learned a few things from @ryanlerch that I can pass on, so the Magazine looks as spiffy as possible.

It would probably be on a Friday afternoon EDT, which is a time I can reliably set aside for something like this – probably 3:00 or 4:00pm. I would hold it via Google Meet so the result is recorded. If it’s good enough to hold onto we can always add the link to the Magazine docs.

Is there anyone interested in such a thing?



I haven’t used Google Meet before and I’m not sure that I have a good enough connection for it, but I’ll try to attend. I’m as interested in trying out Google’s meeting technology as I am in some tips on how to do the images. I’d certainly watch the recording even if I cannot make the meeting. I have no training and very little experience with image editing.

If I’m available, I’d love to attend (and I’ll definitely watch the recording if I can’t make it live)

I can probably do this at 3:00pm EDT this Friday, October 9. Would anyone be able to show up then? I also would plan to record for those who can’t be there. But it’ll be a lonely sounding recording if it’s just me. :laughing:

I’d show up for that.

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Unfortunately, that works out to noon in my local time and I am in a meeting from 11:00AM to 12:30PM on Friday.

$ TZ='America/Phoenix' date -d "3:00PM EDT this Friday"
Fri 09 Oct 2020 12:00:00 PM MST

That’s OK though. I’ll just watch the recording.

I would like to attend as well, but i live in central europe, and i dont know how it will work out for me.

Hello Paul,
I would be interested in that meeting. I think the time is okay as of today. How does Google Meet work? Is it available through your Google sign on?

Yeah, it is. its quite easy to get set up

We did hold this recording – @bcotton is working on editing the video to tighten up a few pieces and then it should be posted on YouTube for anyone to check out. He seemed to think it went well, so I hope it’s useful!


Thanks Paul. I’m looking forward to it.

@bcotton How is this video edit coming? I noticed today an image on the Magazine that again looks wonky in social media. Hopefully folks could benefit from that webinar we did.

Much more slowly than I’d hoped. :frowning:

Sorry, my bad. I looked at the image and it’s size was within our guideline spec’s so didn’t go further with it. In future I think I will at the least import them into the template and then export the corrected image to upload. How does that sound @pfrields?

Wellll… In cases where the image is otherwise in good shape, that sounds reasonable. In this case, there are other issues too. The way “LVM” appears above the rest of the title makes it visually somewhat nonsensical or hard to read. Also, do we know where the photograph came from? Is it licensed as OK for us to reuse? If so, it’s no big deal for this to ride as-is. If not, then this image should be replaced pronto.

Well, that’s wayyy above my pay-grade. :slight_smile:
All kidding aside, it looks like a screen grab to me. So I guess the author can assign a license to it, or we use another image, I don’t mind.
[Edit]: I created a new image from a picture of a hard drive I found on and replaced to original. I hope the author is okay with that.

We’ll, it’s something we do need to know. Just like we don’t put proprietary software in Fedora, we don’t take license encumbered content and use it for the Magazine. Whoever edited the article should ask the author where they got the photo, including URL if it was online. If they don’t know or it can’t be found, we should have a new image that we know is okay to use license-wise.


Sorry for the hassle guys, it was my first stab at a featured image :grimacing:. Yes it was just a screen grab, and I specifically ensured the background was in the default Fedora set. I actually noticed this featured image tips discussion this morning, and was wondering whether the recording ever got completed.

It’s okay, it sounds like you did the right thing! Thanks for checking in and most importantly thank you for the contribution.

I changed the image, it was no problem to do.