I3 wm in Fedora Silverblue

I have been using Fedora Workstation since a year now. I started by using the Gnome version then tried the KDE but didn’t like it. I have been using awesome wm and i3 for a few months now and have become accustomed the workflow. I read about Silverblue in a few blog posts and wanted to give it a try, but cannot figure out what would be the best way to install i3wm in it.

I know that I should layer i3 but what should I do about the other tools like feh, thunar file manager, etc. and how do I remove the other gnome packages from the core image. Basically I want to build a custom version of Silverblue with i3, the way we can do with Fedora Everything installs.

You cant remove the packages from the core image. You can however create a layer that removes the package by using rpm-ostree remove package. Since the only upside is that the packages are hidden it might not be worth the time.

The easiest option is to simply overlay the packages that you need on top of Silverblue.

As Karl said, I won’t worry too much about the additional packages as removing them won’t give you much.

The hard option is to build and host your own variant from the instructions in Overview - workstation-ostree-config - Pagure.io