Removing Unnecessary Packages Pulled In With Other Packages

Heyo! Currently testing out Fedora Silverblue 37, and during my setup, I layered the neofetch package. (Not strictly necessary but I like comparing it to that in Toolbox)

It also pulled in a set of dependencies, which is alright, but also pulled in a few that I know for a fact aren’t needed, like ImageMagick and w3m. In Workstation I can just remove those specifically afterwards… However in Silverblue, it seems that the system doesn’t see those packages as requested/installed?

ImageMagick, ImageMagick-libs, and w3m are all installed on the system and using rpm-ostree uninstall w3m or rpm-ostree remove w3m presents the “Package/capability ‘w3m’ is not currently requested” error.

What’s the method for removing these dependencies that aren’t needed (idk if they’re called weak dependencies?)

Thanks in advance!