I want to switch to KDE or Xfce!


I am currently using Fedora 33 with GNOME DE and I would like to switch to KDE or Xfce(It’s a matter of personal prefference). I preffer KDE because of its customizability. Despite that, in the past, when I was using Kubuntu and even when I installed Fedora 33 with KDE in a VM I’ve encountered a few bugs that I hated(the win button didn’t open the app menu, widget window would get stuck and on Kubuntu even blank or rainbow screens at bootup). I am trying to find out if anyone has encountered my problems and if they are fixed. I preffer KDE over Xfce because its more customizable, lighterweight or close to this(the main developers of Xfce said this in a tweet which I can find if anybody requests).
So, is KDE buggy, and should I choose Xfce?

You can try yourself, I don’t know about the issues.


KDE Plasma rules :grin:

I haven’t seen any of those. Depending on your hardware, some of those might have been related to older packages in Kubuntu.

You can use fresh live-respins iso with incorporated latest updates to either live-boot and test it or make a fresh install: https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/live-respins/

I’m curious about comparison with Xfce, I find it swifter, especially on older hardware and if KDE has enabled compositing. The last I checked, KDE’s start-up was slower, especially on HDD.

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