Fedora KDE : Is it possible to upgrade Fedora version with Discover?

Greetings everyone,

I love Fedora 30 with Gnome 3.32 but on my Asus X301A, some animations can seem a bit laggy sometimes.

I tried the KDE spin of Fedora which seems to work a lot better.

My question is : Is it possible to enjoy the same upgrade system available provided by Gnome Software (Fedora X → Fedora Y) with Discover ?

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KDE is a DE that uses Xorg, and Gnome is defaulted to Wayland. You could try running Gnome in Xorg (at login select it) and see if that get’s rid of the “laggy” issue. Is Discover KDE’s software manager?

Hi @jackfrost !

I already tried but no changes, overall Gnome 3.32 is kinda smooth but sometimes feels a bit laggy when many windows are opened.

With KDE it is always smooth.

Yes it is :wink:

I can’t seem to find any information on this, so I’d think not:


You will have to use gnome-software, or dnf as explained here: