I need help with Fedora

Hello. I am not really new to Linux, as I have tried quite a few flavours such as Ubuntu, Mint, Nobara, and Nitrux. I am having a hard time loving Fedora however for two reasons:

  1. No Broadcom supported Wifi. This alone is a deal-breaker, as you would think the developers would assume I would not want to constantly be connected to ethernet with the only alternative being messing around in terminal. I spent hours scouring the web, and installed a bunch of stuff using terminal and guess what? IT STILL DOESN’T WORK!
  2. Freaky resolutions. I have 3 options - 5:4, 4:3, and 4:3. I have 16:9 so none are useful, and there is no auto configuration.
    I really want to give Fedora a try, particularly due it’s boxes app, so any help is valued.
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Welcome to the Fedoraproject @johndgsmith

Fedora comes with opensource drivers. It seams that your Broadcom card not has one. So it has to be done a installation by hand.
You can easily change this by organize you an new by default working wifi module (Intel is a good choice).

Please do not write in capital whole words and sentences. This is understood as getting loud. We are here to help and we can talk educated with each other, right?

If you want help here we do need some basic information’s. In your case a
inxi -Fzx in terminal would be a big help. Then please past the output as pre-formatted </> text here.

Generally if you make a request it makes sense not to post two completely different problems to one Topic.


There are a lot of infos missing.

  • What DE do you use? GNOME, KDE or something else?
  • What did you try to do to get the Broadcomm drivers?

Maybe the drivers are in RPMFusion, see this page about enabling it on regular Fedora or the immutable Version (Silverblue, Kinoite).

I have 16:9 too and never had problems. This may be a hardware issue. Name all relevant components then, what Laptop, what model,…


Fedora is not allowed to ship broadcom wifi drivers.

Please follow this post and install them from rpmfusion: Installing broadcom wifi drivers - #2 by augenauf

in the future, please open one topic for each question you ask. that allows to identify one solution for each issue you may face.

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