Broadcom Driver Issue

Hello people,

first of all i’m completely new into linux. I’m already facing some issues which i can’t solve by myself. First i couldn’t connect to a Wi-Fi. After searching the web, especially on this forum i found out that there is an driver issue with broadcom.

  1. I’ve installed the rpm fusion respository, both free & nonfree
  2. sudo dnf install broadcom-wl
  3. reboot

Everything worked so far, but after reboot the w-lan menu is gone. It doesn’t exist anymore. Since im new to linux and im just following instructions, which have been posted online and several of them didn’t work for me im a little bit concerned to put everything i read into the terminal.

I really want to go the linux route, but i could need some help to get started.


Welcome to askfedora.

Just as a note.
Not everything you read works for everybody. You do have to verify it works for you and often versions matter. You can look at the subject of the post, OS versions involved, when posted, etc. as part of your evaluation.

Please tell us exactly what you have done, where the packages were obtained, what OS version you are running, and hardware involved as well for each and every issue you post about.

For this post you gave everything needed except the hardware so lets start there.

Please post the output of these 2 commands

inxi -Fxx

so we can see the hardware, OS, and drivers installed. You may need to install inxi first. Working from that point we should be able to move forward. Use the code tags for preformatted text to surround your posted data so it is easily readable. To do that simply paste the text into the edit box, highlight all that you just posted, then click the </> button on the tool bar above and it will tag the data for you with a ’ ``` ’ before (above) the first line and after (below) the last line.

Once we can see the data we can proceed.