I get these kernel errors about ACPI

I’m using Fedora 39 Gnome on a Lenovo Yoga with 13th Gen Intel i7-1360P. No extra graphics card.

I’m getting the following errors in the system log in ~1 minute intervals:

> kernel: ACPI Error: No handler for Region [RTCM] (00000000b3a8fc91) [SystemCMOS] (20230331/evregion-130)
> kernel: ACPI Error: Region SystemCMOS (ID=5) has no handler (20230331/exfldio-261)
> kernel: ACPI Error: Aborting method \_SB.PC00.LPCB.H_EC._Q36 due to previous error (AE_NOT_EXIST) (20230331/psparse-529)

My laptop works perfectly. Just trying to get rid of any errors.

It seems that these sorts of messages are caused by bugs in the BIOS.
If everything is working then you should be ok in ignoring them.