I Found my NEW code editor/IDE

im in love this IDE it is not free and not open source, but im in love so much that i even uninstalled VScode today after 1 day working on Jet Brains Fleet it has 90% already what i need if it gets react on it then it has 100% of everyhting i need on my workflow and daily use

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I’m still using vim, it’s faster and better than any GUI IDE.


Tbh I don’t see any difference on faster or slower compared to sublime or VsCode it is as fast even faster maybe and I just like it no extensions and stuff just install and use been looking so long good IDE

Which one is it?

Jet brains fleet

Interesting - so (in your opinion) what makes it better than the VSCode?
I have CLion for Rust and IntelliJ for all else and I still use VSC all the time for small tasks.

Everything build in, no third-party extensions all languages I use build in really good intellij jet brains AI better than GitHub copilot, smooth, visually stunning, pretty easy to start using and setup large market place if need purchase addons

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