I can't uninstall a program even from the terminal

Hi guys! The program in question is Pycharm 2021.1.1. I don’t remember which method I used for your installation. When I use the command sudo dnf remove pycharm, it returns “all dependencies resolved, nothing to do, done”, but the uninstall is not done.

dnf can only uninstall packages that it installed.

You need to remove it the same way you installed it. For example, if you installed it manually, you need to remove it manually. If you installed a flatpak, you need to use flatpak to remove it, etc.

That being said, the command sudo dnf remove pycharm assumes the package is named pycharm. You should probably check to see if it is called something else first.

Something like dnf list --installed "*charm*" might tell you if it installed as a different name.

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Okay, but that’s exactly the problem, lol. I don’t remember which way I installed it. How do I find out?

First, I just updated my previous post, you should check that first.

Other than that, there is no single easy way to determine the source of the installation. That is why you should probably not install software haphazardly. :smile:

I would first check where it is installed. If it is installed to your home directory, it was probably done manually. If the icon launches a flatpak, that would also be an easy answer.

First try the dnf list command above.

If that doesn’t work, see where the icon/.desktop points to.

Ok, and after the list is loaded?

Is there something that looks like pycharm on it?

Can you share the output of the command here?

The easy way to check if a command is part of a dnf/rpm package is the following:

$ rpm -qf `which <command>`

Or for an arbitrary file on the file system:

$ rpm -qf <path-to-file>

[user1@localhost ~]$ cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
[user1@localhost yum.repos.d]$ ls
_copr_phracek-PyCharm.repo fedora-updates-testing-modular.repo
fedora-cisco-openh264.repo fedora-updates-testing.repo
fedora-modular.repo google-chrome.repo
fedora.repo rpmfusion-nonfree-nvidia-driver.repo
fedora-updates-modular.repo rpmfusion-nonfree-steam.repo

Remove the repo.

$rpm -qa for #listing the packages. Pipe Grep to search specific packages like this:
$rpm -qa | grep py

Then remove the package via dnf or yum.

“flatpack list” would list the flatpaks.

That’s indeed very easy. Thanks.

Most likely it was installed either from the “phracek-Pycharm” Copr repository (via dnf) or from Flathub (flatpak).

The output of this find command should give a hint:
find /usr/bin /usr/local/bin /var/lib/flatpak $HOME -name "pycharm*"

If you see /var/lib/flatpak/app/com.jetbrains.PyCharm-Community or /var/lib/flatpak/app/com.jetbrains.PyCharm-Professional it was installed as Flatpak and can be remove by running flatpak uninstall com.jetbrains.PyCharm-Community or flatpak uninstall com.jetbrains.PyCharm-Professional.

If you see /usr/bin/pycharm-community it was likely installed as RPM from the Copr repository. To uninstall: sudo dnf remove $(rpm -qf /usr/bin/pycharm-community).


The command output is highly long! :grimacing:

I believe you got it right. So, from here, how do I uninstall?

Did you try the command above?

This one:


Optionally, you may want to disable the repository “Repo for PyCharm…” since you don’t need it.

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