Uninstalling programs

Hi! I’m new to fedora linux. I need help with uninstalling programs. I have some programs that I downloaded from terminal and wan’t to delete them (the programs I wan’t to delete are Microsoft Teams and GrapeJuice). I haven’t found a way to delete them. Can someone please help me?

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What commands did you use to install the software?


The teams i installed from the web. The grapejuice from github. Sorry I lied. I didn’t use terminal for them. I messed it up with some other programs.

Best idea might be to go back to the place where you found the installation instructions and check there for how to uninstall.

Well, Teams is available as an rpm package.
If you installed it that way, you should be able to run ‘sudo dnf remove teams’ to uninstall it.

As for grapejuice…
Well, honestly, I’ve never even heard of that.
Programs built/installed from github tend to be a bit of a pain to remove, depending on the specifics of the installation process.
Do you have a link to the instructions you followed?