I can't remove root privilege from nautilus

hi everyone, i’m new to linux when i started using fedora 38 but, when i activated root privilege for nautilus , it mounted my local drive E: which is sdb3 to /run/media/user/3215652566 in addition to this i can’t remove root privilege from the file manager nautilus again.

Can you show a screenshot of the error.

I preferred to re-install fedora again. Thank you so much, i want to know if i’ve opened nautilus using root privilege, how can i reverse this action again?

Out of curiosity, how did you opened Nautilus with root privileges?


Open terminal and right the following command:

Sudo nautilus

This command let’s you open nautilus as root, like open as administrator in windows.

when you close the nautilus window, any root permissions in nautilus are gone!

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Unfortunately, after closing nautilus, root permissions didn’t disappear. May be i had to terminate nautilus process from terminal. Excuse me , i’m totally new to linux. It’s been 15 years using windows.

File permissions that you changed under the root user remain!
You have to reset them manually; start nautilus as root, right click on file/folder and under properties assign the owner (group and user) to what you want it to be.

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Situations like this are the reason that it is recommended to not use sudo or su to gain root permissions except when absolutely needed. Certain admin tasks require root permissions. 99+% of all things done with linux do not require root permissions.

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