Locked Sudo files. Can not delete files with lock on even when I enter them by password (Sudo)

I have problems by erasing files which are protected by Sudo (a lock appears on the file icon)

I did try to access the file by entering PW and try to delete by CLI.

Can someone please refere me to an example where I can erase the two locked files by using the Terminal.

in Files right click on icon of app, choose properties > Permissions to change permissions. It will write error message if some is wrong.

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From the terminal you can use “ls -l” to see the ownership/permissions of those files. You can also use “sudo rm filename” to delete the file. If that does not work then “sudo rm -f filename” should work as well.

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You can start GNOME Files with admin privileges:

nautilus admin:

However you must be careful not to break the system.


Seems like they are gone now. Thank you computersavvy

That an nice accessmethod. I could directly enter into the files I wanted. Thank you vgaetera

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