Changing Permissions For Enclosed FIles GUI broke

Change permissions for enclosed files window stopped doing anything lately. Not sure when exactly it sopped working, last time I’ve used it few weeks ago still on Fedora 39. When I press Change it closes the window but nothing actually changes and if I open that window again it’s same as before. Changing permissions through terminal or through selecting files still works. Google and forum search have not been helpful.

May I ask for suggestions on how it may be fixed? Is there a way to monitor through terminal what happens when I actually click a button in Gnome/Nautilus?

Thank You!

I am not sure if you are asking about files on an ntfs file system or a linux file system, so this answer is in 2 parts.

Note that fedora does not change ownership nor permissions on an NTFS file system. Those are not managed the same and do not have the same attributes as files on a linux file system (ext4,btrfs, etc.)

When mounting the ntfs file system the directories and files are always allocated linux like pseudo-permissions, but those cannot actually be altered.

Similarly, on a linux file system, if the files are not owned by your user and/or your user does not have write permissions within a directory on the linux file system then your user would be unable to change permissions.

Please clarify which environment you are working in and exactly where the files are located.

You can use a command line in a terminal to make all the changes you wish and immediately see the results, but without the details your question is vague. GUI interfaces seldom provide useful information about the actions taken and results.

Thank you for your reply. The drive in question is btrfs. The problem is not permissions themselves. I can still change permissions through terminal or by selecting all files. Problem the way I see it is that this particular GUI dialog seems to have stopped doing anything at all since update.