I cannot configure my Google account in Gnome Online accounts

Hello. When I try to include my Gmail account in online accounts, when the authentication is ready, I read something like “credentials are outdated”, and I am forced again to start the process.
However, I did it without problems in other linux distributions. Any suggestion? Is it a known problem?
My system is Fedora 34 with Gnome.
Thanks a lot for your help.

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A quick search around the web seems to suggest this was relatively common on GNOME 3.x, but not anything dealing with the latest one… I know I previously had issues when the system time was incorrect; any chance that’s your issue?

Can you please provide the exact error? And maybe also look at the logs and paste anything that pops up when you’re doing this action?

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Hello! Thanks a lot for your answers. Finally the problem was that, for any reason, it was not installed seahorse. After installing it, everything works fine.
Thanks a lot again for your help.