Google and Gnome Online Accounts

So after an upgrade, I have been trying to connect to google services via GOA… Something is wrong, It doesn’t seem to connect to my accounts.
Anyone else experiencing this?

Do you have any logs ? From press Super Logs see if anything show up.

I don’t. How would one collect those logs?

If this does not populate anything, We’ll try some other things like Re-authenticate in GOA.

Ok, lets see what we can do about re-authenticate in GOA.
Having looked into those two apps, I see nothing of note but with Logs in particular, I might be missing something.

I haven’t upgraded to 40 yet, but I think I might have hit something similar with an older upgrade once. The problem (for me, that time around) ended up being that programs were looking for an entry in the keychain with a ...:gen<N+1>:... field, but it didn’t exist. What did exist was a ...:gen<N>:... field.

Check the details of your GOA google credentials using the “Passwords and Keys” app before and after you reconnect your online account. If things begin working again after you reconnect, you might notice that there is a new GOA google credential entry with an incremented “gen” number. Unfortunately, I don’t know what causes this bug or how it might be remedied. It hasn’t happened to me for the last several upgrades, so if this problem has returned, it might be a regression.

It should work after you re-authorize the access with GNOME Online Accounts.
Google is probably paranoid about the client version change, or there’s some change in the API, so it requires to issue a new token.

Is this related to the use of the PassKey now?

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