Hyprland with all windows floating…

I am weird, I do like some features of tiling window managers (mostly, their small footprint) but I do like to have my windows more or less floating — some smart placement is good.

Can do this in Hyprland?

You can fire up a f38 virtual machine and test it if suits your needs. See below a recent Fedora Magazine article that describes how to install it.

4 cool new projects to try in COPR for June 2023 - Fedora Magazine (scroll to Hyprland).

or see here: carlwgeorge/hyprland Copr

there is another copr: jaques22/hyprland Copr

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Yes, I could… I could just install it on my main machine and test it there. However, I would rather not fiddle with something to find out that what I want to do is impossible. Thus, a quick question here since I could not find any information in the manual.

I suspect few are using hyprland and thus few can provide first person info. Hyprland is 3rd party so not in the fedora repos.

The VM route suggested will be the quickest and easiest to do testing without messing with your main install until you have confirmed that it will meet your needs.

You could make any or all windows float with window rules, although I don’t know how well it works in practice.

See also Floating layout · Issue #1682 · hyprwm/Hyprland · GitHub

There might be other stacking (floating) Wayland compositors to consider. I saw hikari is in Fedora repos.

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