What floating/stacked window manager do you recommend (for my case)?

I have installed Fedora 40 Gnome and noticed that windows position themselves randomly.
For example, Kate editor remembers its position and the “maximized” state, but on the other hand, CudaText doesn’t. That is just one example of many.

The most annoying thing is that the Brave browser remembers its position and the “maximized” state, but when I open DevTools (F12) as a separate window, it doesn’t stay maximized on the second monitor. I want to have DevTools always open maximized on my second monitor, and yet it is impossible. Sure there is extension “Smart Auto Move” but it can be laggy and messy.

The problem exists on Xorg and Wayland, so I guess it is a bug in the window manager maybe? I’m not sure how everything is structured in Linux.

Is there an alternative window manager (or whatever) that handles window positions, and their states, well (like Windows OS does)?

I am not a fan of tiling window managers because I am more of a mouse than a keyboard user.


This could be something you could reach out to thje Gnome team about.

Of course there is Openbox. However, you will revert to Xorg, and I am not sure whether it will resolve your issues, though.

On Gnome, one setting that may partly help is to have new windows being placed “centered” instead of “smart”:

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter center-new-windows true