Fedora 38 applications don't launch with maximized windows in Gnome

Hi all,

After upgrading from F37 to F38, applications don’t launch with maximized window anymore in Gnome when app window was maximized before closing window or quitting app.

Repro steps:

  1. launch Thunderbird
  2. maximize window
  3. quit Thunderbird
  4. Re-launch Thunderbird

Thunderbird window is not maximized.

Happens also with other apps when they have an indicator in the system tray and closing and re-opening window.

I’m using Gnome on Xorg.


Hello Peter!
Same issue in clean Fedora Workstation 38 installation.
Gnome + Wayland.
I opened Gimp & GNOME Commander – both have the issue.

I don’t have any issues with this happening. I have been upgrading this install over several releases of Fedora Workstation. It may be Video driver related, I use an AMD CPU with on board GPU, system components are about a year old now.

I’m experiencing same behavior with nouveau driver. I also had some power management issues with desktop not waking from hibernation (different issue).

I am experiencing same problem.

This seems to be fixed now with Gnome 44.2