Tiling on Fedora with hyrpland

I have been a fedora workstation user for the past couple of years. I shifted from pop os which had a built-in tiling functionality which I started relying on . So I immediately installed the pop-shell on fedora and have been happily using it, but it has been a little glitchy with the recent gnome/fedora updates which is understandable as pop-shell is not being actively maintained anymore. I started exploring other tiling solution like forge, paperwm, tiling assistant but sadly they weren’t ideal for me. I came accross a lot of videos on hyprland and I am thinking of switching to it when fedora 40 is released. I had a couple questions for the community-

  1. Should I install fedora server or fedora minimal to setup hyprland? For some reason, fedora minimal doesn’t show up on the spins tab, but a quick google helped me find the page.
  2. People who are already using hyprland, how has been your experience? How did you install it? Arch is often the recommended distro in the hyprland community since it usually have latest packages so I was wondering if there will be any issues.
  3. People who rely on tiling, what other solutions are u using if any?

Added hyprland and removed gnome, server, workstation

Added server

I would get a configuration working on an existing workstation or in a VM, identify the applications needed and then install from scratch using the everything iso (https://alt.fedoraproject.org/)


That’s the plan. I am going to use a vm before I jump the gun. About the everything iso, this is the first time I’ve heard about it. Does this also follows the same release cycle like workstation?

The everything ISO is synced with the fedora release schedule since it is just another version of the fedora version released.

One big difference when installing a system using the everything iso is that the installation is done using the latest software versions from the repos and not the static versions as is found on the main iso used for the various spins.

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I’ve been using hyprland on Arch for some time (actually, Endeavours, but it’s Arch). I like it a lot, though it’s not my daily driver. I wrote several blog posts for getting started and other programs and configurations