How to verify whether a specific Nvidia driver is still available from RPM Fusion?

Hi all,

Recent Nvidia drivers for 30XX cards from RPM Fusion have been unstable for me, hence I downgraded to the last known stable driver (for my system) and I’m behind several updates now. I’m on 520.56.06 while the latest is 525.89.02.
I want to try the latest driver to see if it works on my system now, but also want to ensure that I can downgrade back to 520.56.06.
3:520.56.06-1.fc37 is the exact version number.

How do I verify that that specific Nvidia driver is still available from RPM Fusion?
Is it possible to locally store these drivers for when there are no longer available?

I’m still new to CLI commands so step by step instructions are appreciated, thank you!

I believe it should work if you have a local copy of all the RPMs related to the driver.

Check out for all available package builds and their download links.

You can also list all package versions in the repos with DNF:

dnf --showduplicates list \*nvidia\*
dnf download package-version

Keep in mind that old packages may have dependency related issues.

Thanks for that link, its very useful. I had some issues searching for the Nvidia packages, their searchbar requires very precise terms.
Here’s the direct link if it helps others - xorg-x11-drv-nvidia | Package Info | koji