How to turn up volume via command line

Hi all,

I’m on the non-GUI Fedora-26 version. I understand that some of you will comment that I need to upgrade, however, my company will not due to limitations of our production environment. So, upgrading is not an option at all and have been explicitly told that by upper-management.

I need to figure out how to adjust the sound volume via command line for F26.

Here is what I have tried:
$ amixer sset Master 80%,20%
$ pactl set-sink-volume 0 +15%
$ pacmd set-sink-volume 0 0x10000

Literally none of these packages appear to be available and thus none of these commands work. Help!


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The packages alsa-utils and pulseaudio-utils are still available here:
You can download them either automatically or manually.
If automatic download doesn’t work, probably you should fix the repo URLs.


Fedora 26 has been EOL (End of life) for a while and is no longer supported. We’d strongly recommend that you use a supported release. F26 will not receive any packages or updates, and few here will be using it now—so there won’t be too many here who can help.

Currently supported releases can be download here:

As specified in the description, upper-management has explicitly told me no upgrades.

Okay, thank you. alsa-utils worked.

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Nice to know :+1:
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The upper management should be informed that using Fedora 26 is now a security issue. They should shift to any other supported OS—CentOS if they are looking for older versions of software. Using Fedora 26 in a production environment is a very bad idea.


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