How to setup GNOME Evolution properly with Google Mail

I’ve setup my Google Mail account in the GNOME online accounts and now I can use Google Mail with Evolution.

But I’m wondering how do I exactly use Evolution with Gmails labels / folders?

Let’s say I want to apply a label to an email in my inbox. Do I have to copy the email into the corresponding folder?

And how to archive an email from my inbox? I would like have a copy of the archived mail in the “All Mails” folder, but to delete the message from the inbox. The labels (or the copies of the mail inside the folders) should stay of course, too.

Any hints how to setup Evolution for Google Mail properly?

Thanks in advance!

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I found out how to setup Evolution properly to archive mails with GoogleMail:

change the default folder for archived mail to the [Google Mail]/All Messages folder. When you now archive a mail, it will be deleted from your inbox but a copy should stay in the mentioned folder.


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