How to setup Brother DCP-L2520D printer on Fedora 36?

Hey everyone,

Not sure if it’s the right place to ask this, but I have trouble setting up my Brother printer with Fedora 36. I religiously followed the installation instructions from their website, but when I try to print anything, it shows up a notification that “Yes, I’m printing” and then “I’ve printed”. However, the printer never really prints.

During my research, I came across CUPS and studying CUPS logs but I can’t make anything of it.
It is not a network printer, it’s USB one so there shouldn’t be no blocking from Firewall or anything. I don’t know where to start troubleshoot this.

The printer was working well on Fedora 34, with KDE on a different machine than what I currently have. Any ideas where should I look?

I’m attaching the /var/log/cups/error_log, if you need.

We have a DCP-L2550DW on my home network and Fedora just automatically finds it over the network. The firewall isn’t a factor for a USB connection. If you aren’t having luck out of box, Brother also ships the drivers as RPM for Linux: