How to set repo and branch in fedora iot images?


I created a Fedora IoT-Image and deployed it in a raspberry pi. I did set the repository URL in Cockpit composer. But the resultiug image still has the default IpT repo (fedora-IoT) set.

How can I change that and how do i have to put my repos GPG key into this image?

My Goal is to get updates only from my ostree repo so I can test everything befor it goes to my devices.

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Hello @dirk1980ac ,
Welcome to the :fedora: Community! Someone from the IoT group, or community user of IoT will likely be responding to your topic. I took a brief look at rpm-ostree docs at Compose server | rpm-ostree which seems to be the place where your answers are.

Thank you for pointing me to the right direction.

use OSBuild , but now I know which files to inject or replace.

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