How to run Fedora workstation 38 on vmware?

I’m using Windows 11 pro, installed vmware workstation pro 17 created a new virtual machine for Fedora 38 with the .iso, automatically detected by vmware, and using stock recommended settings by vmware.
Once the VM starts, it’s just a blank black screen with a single underscore ( _ ) on the screen for a long time. When I try to stop the VM it takes several minutes to stop.

Any ideas?

You used stock settings. How much RAM? How many CPUs? How much drive space?
How long is “a long time”?

Note that first boot may take a considerable time as it finishes the configs and actually starts up. Inadequate RAM or CPU can exacerbate the delays.

I assume from your description that you used the Workstation iso and followed the normal installation process with the default installer. If there were any issues doing that or I understood incorrectly please share.

It depends upon which graphical driver is “stock” to determine the issue. I do not and never have used VMWare since it is proprietary. Support for VMWare is part of that package.

A better choice and no cost to the user would be to use VirtualBox instead of vmware. Downloads – Oracle VM VirtualBox

My experience is that vmware works well but i have had bad experience with virtualbox.

I was running fedora 37 kde spin in vmware under windows 10 until recently without issue.
But I did configure the vm with almost all the memory and cpus of my laptop.

Do you see the grub menu?

I encountered the same problem with Compatibility: ESXi 7.0 U2 and later (VM version 19), later I found that it can be solved by setting Compatibility: Workstation 15 (VM version 16). BTW, I am using ESXi 7.0U3