How to perform new install when Wayland is not a viable option

Is there a way to perform a new Fedora install that doesn’t use Wayland? F34 just goes to a blank screen when trying to start the GUI. If I’m lucky in F35 I can get a text screen to appear and I see pages of errors for nouveau crash and fatal Wayland errors in journalctl.

One way you could do this is by installing the Xfce spin because that DE doesn’t work with Wayland so what you get is X11, which works fine with it. If you don’t want Xfce, pick any DE you want except for Gnome, KDE Plasma or Enlightenment as they’re the only ones currently working with Wayland.

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I don’t know about KDE but on Gnome before login you have the option to choose xorg or wayland.

The installation images do not have a logon screen so there is no way to choose xorg or wayland.

I totally misread that about the install.Guess I needed more coffee.