How to Install Fedora on Oracle Cloud Server?

the Oracle Cloud Server

Shape configuration

Shape: VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro

OCPU count: 1

Network bandwidth (Gbps): 0.48

Memory (GB): 1

Local disk: Block storage only
Is it possible to install Fedora LXDE on this low configuration server?

Is there a simpler way to install it?

I’d start here … The lightweight VM environment | The Fedora Project

Thanks for your reply, I’ll try it.

I downloaded Fedora Cloud 39 Compressed Image tar.gz , and what’s the next step? I tried to unzip it, got a file named disk.raw,

I don’t know anything about Oracle’s cloud server. Perhaps you should ask the Oracle community involved with it how to proceed.

This comment is not very helpful. The links on the Fedora Cloud pages links to an old Atomic website.

On the Atomic website it says that atomic is Fedora Core-Os now ?!

I still do not know how to access the qemu image I downloaded? In the Virt-Manager I imported the image and started it. I do see a login, to access the localhost.

As I do understand that’s not needed to access it, I have to access the image via Docker or Podman right?

I really do miss a link from the Fedora Cloud Website guiding me to the right place, to start with testing the Fedora Core-OS and get slowly into it.

Would it be possible, that someone who knows it, could give some more information to guide Users to the right place to start with this “different” Fedora Linux workflow?

I don’t get your point. It seems to be more about me than the actual answer.

1GB of RAM is not going to take you far.
Do you really need a Desktop Environment or would a headless server (server edition) fit your needs?

If you are trying to run a Desktop and make use of a browser, I think the minimum will be 2 GB Ram, better more.

It depends on your conditions and requirements are? But generally speaking, there is no easier way to install Fedora than downloading the iso and running the installer.

I just want run firefox, and open only one tab on firefox. it seems no way to install fedora on 1GB of RAM server.