Lightweight Desktops for Silverblue/CoreOS

  1. Is it possible to install LXDE on Silverblue?
  2. If yes, does it reduce any of the security benefits of running the default desktop (unclear how the ostree behaves in a non-default scenario)?
    3 If not recommended, is CoreOS a better alternative to Fedora Workstation?

Asking in relation to PCs with old Intel dual core processors with 2GB ram (Intel Atom N550 and Intel Dual Core T7200).


As far as I know there is no official immutable Fedora that uses LXDE - it’s either KDE or Gnome.
You can’t simply install LXDE on a Fedora Silverblue, but have a look at There seems to be a community maintained XFCE variant.

CoreOS is not an alternative to the Workstation product. CoreOS is a minimal cloud or server system made for container-based applications, say for clustered server applications or appliances. Running a desktop in containers seems to be inefficient and a lot of work: Imagine for every app on your desktop you would need a containers…and then they are isolated from each other, nothing you would want on a desktop.

2GB of RAM is nearly nothing these days, but try Xfce or LXDE from

Thanks. Will try Workstation LXDE spin.

I know 2gb ram is not much but for surfing and light office apps it is still viable with a light desktop. Seeking to delay the trip to recycling a bit longer.