How to get new Release Notes pushed to users with RSS or email?

I’d like to receive only the release notes when there is a new release: in RSS or email form (pushed to me – so I don’t have to go looking for it, or find it by accident).

I can’t find this feature anywhere…



You can subscribe to the following channels to be notified of new releases:

The release notes should be updated accordingly:

In the meantime, here is a list of proposed changes:


Is there a feed for package releases (specifically for the current Fedora workstation release)? I don’t see RSS or Atom feeds in the page source on

Click on the Updates tab on that page, this will take you to the Bodhi (Fedora’s update system) which will show you all the updates for that package. On this page, click on the search field shown in the image below to open the drop down menu to apply filters. For the Releases filter, select the desired Fedora release and click Apply Filters. On the resulting page, right click to see the source of the page and search for rss in it. You will find a link like in there.